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SONACHI GROUP has a global presence with headquarters in Mumbai. It was incorporated with the intention of bringing new technology in this millennium. It comprises of more than 9 operating companies with global operations. The group has a turnover of 250 crores. The company is looking to diversify into various sectors.

Sonachi Hotels comprises of a team of specialists in opening, taking over and operating hotels across India. As an owner managed business, the Directors work with these specialists to oversee the development and operation of the hotel.

Our team is split into divisions according to hotel type, with an Area Director supported by a Financial Controller in each area of the business. They ensure that support services are being delivered to each hotel with measurable impact.

The CORE team covers these important disciplines:

    • Operations
    • Procurement
    • Finance
    • Hr
    • Sales
    • Property Development & Distribution

    Where sonachi hotels Can Help
    • Project Management of New Builds and Renovations
    • Delivering operational quality – through close management
    • Implementing and managing Sonachi brands and brand standards
    • Maximising Turnover through Sales, Marketing and Revenue Management
    • Restaurant Management
    • Health and Fitness Club Management
    • Financial Management and Reporting
    • Customer and Employee Satisfaction
    • Staff Recruitment and Training
    • Distressed Asset Management
Managing your Hotels – Delivering optimum operational profit and asset value

Sonachi Hotels seeks independent management agreements with developers to operate third party assets on their behalf.Each management contract would be evaluated and would vary by length of time, scope of services and remuneration structure.

Sonachi Hotels offer:
• Site Appraisals and Feasibility Studies
• Construction and Refurbishment Project Management
• Pre Opening and Management Services
• Operational Management
• Operational Benchmarking and Performance Improvement Plans

Sonachi Hotels can tailor reporting requirements to fit the needs of a particular owner. Typically we report on a monthly basis although information is also provided throughout the month if required. We have significant professional services experience within the team and as such are uniquely positioned to deal with the requirements of banks, licences and other professional service firms. Alongside management contract services, Sonachi Hotels also offers consulting solutions. Our senior team have considerable experience sales, marketing, procurement as well as operational management ability.


We offers our guests Deluxe Rooms, Super Deluxe Rooms and Family Suite .The rooms exude coziness and are designed with ample creature comforts for utmost convenience.We are the finest in luxury rooms.


Our Hotel provide the facility of luxury and hospitality,Exquisite interiors,impeccable service,fine cuisine and contemporary technology come together to create an experience that is both grand and intimate.


Amritsar is the spiritual capital and a major pilgrimage spot for the Sikhs.Whether you're visiting Amritsar for business or pleasure,we look forward to making you feel comfortable and connected at SONACHI.